English wines plan to put some fizz into the US

Photo:  Barry Batchelor/PA

Photo: Barry Batchelor/PA

A shipment of 5,000 bottles from four different producers is heading to the U.S, and that's just the beginning of an upward trend in exports. 

The first full container of English wine - 5,000 bottles from Digby Fine English, Hush Heath Estate, Bolney Wine Estate and Camel Valley - were shipped to the U.S this week by The British Bottle Company. All are award-winning sparkling wines made in the traditional method, with 90% utilising chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier, the three grapes used to make champagne.

Investment in equipment and expertise, together with a gradual increase in global temperatures, means Britain's sparkling wines rival the world's best fizz. 

“It’s no longer a novelty. It’s now known there are great sparkling wines coming out of England,” said Liz Willette of New York importer Grand Cru Selections.

Sommeliers and consumers are now catching on, and in March the UK government announced its pledge to achieve a tenfold increase in English wine exports by 2020. We look forward to bringing even more quality selections to the New York area in 2017!  

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